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Version 11.0.366 was released on 15.7.2016. It is a maintenance release, which fixes the following bugs:

Fixed issues

  • Error synchronizing with Active Directory
  • If only NoSpamProxy Encryption is licensed, the “Theme” section below the Presettings node will not appear.
  • Error “Failed to save Domaintrust entries to the database” after update to NoSpamProxy 11.0.304, if SQL 2005 exists
  • Error message when attaching a verification report for encrypted and signed emails
  • The default encryption is now set to AES128.
  • Problem with notifications for shared email attachments
  • Error “The stress level of the system currently is critical” after update to NoSpamProxy 11.0.304
  • The Inspection Report is not displayed in the Outlook Add In.
  • Content filtering does not work when replying via Web Portal
  • Error “A stored mail which was put on hold could not be read from the disk”
  • Presentation problem in the PDF document when a custom logo is used in the theme.
  • Attachments that are sent via the Web Portal cannot be downloaded.
  • The version can simply be installed over the existing version. However, always follow the general update instructions if you have configured a proxy server.