Release Notes – NoSpamProxy 10.1 (10.1.282, Regular Channel)

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Version 10.1.282 was released on 25.5.2016. It is a maintenance release which fixes the following bugs:

New / changed

  • Optimizations in the Level of Trust
  • Optimization of the filter and action sequence
  • An optional reverse DNS check that checks for the presence of the pointer record in the DNS and whether it contains the IP address, which is a characteristic of dynamic IP addresses.

Fixed issues

  • A problem when synchronising files between two Web Portals
  • Incorrect detection of duplicate emails under certain circumstances
  • D-Trust operator certificate was sometimes not displayed in the selection dialog
  • The email queue was not displayed for domains that begin with “Q-” in the name
  • “Scan is being performed” is displayed for an infinite period of time in Outlook with Outlook Addin installed
  • Emails sent from Office 365 were occasionally rejected with “Unable to relay
  • The web portal cannot be installed in Microsoft Azure
  • Emails detected as trustworthy by Level of Trust were not processed correctly by the content filter
  • The Outlook Addin cannot access a file in the temp directory during uploading.
  • emails can be sent before the complete upload of all attachments by the Outlook Addin.

The installation of this update is strongly recommended. The version can simply be installed over the existing version. However, always follow the general update instructions if you have configured a proxy server or are using a customised template file for the Web Portal or the email notifications.