Release Notes – NoSpamProxy 10.1 (10.1.196, Regular Channel)

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Version 10.1.196 was released on 13.1.2016. It is a maintenance release which fixes the following bugs:

New / changed

  • For new installations with version, the role certificates are now created using RSA-SHA256.
  • The CYREN engine has been updated to version 5.00.0085.
  • Improvements in replication of data between roles

Fixed issues

  • “Bare-LF” or “Base64 encoding” error when delivering emails to certain domains
  • Umlauts in file names that are moved from the gateway role to the Web Portal generate incorrect download URLs.
  • Emails cannot be sent via rule with automatic encryption enabled
  • People and Identities Administrators cannot use all nodes in the interface
  • Installation of 64bit Outlook Add-In fails
  • If an expired certificate exists, no new certificate is requested during automatic encryption.
  • Assignment of a content filter to a partner is overwritten.
  • Domain trust settings cannot be updated under certain circumstances.

It is strongly recommended that you install this update. The version can simply be installed over the existing version. However, always follow the general update instructions if you have configured a proxy server, or if you use a customised template file for the Web Portal or the email notifications.