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Here you can find all versions that are required to upgrade to the current version. When upgrading, be sure to follow the installation and upgrade instructions for the respective version, as you may need to make manual changes. Also note that changes that you must make when upgrading from version 7.6 to 8.0, for example, are also required for a direct upgrade from 7.6 to 8.5.

The current version is available under Software Download.

Microsoft Report Viewer

Since the download has been officially discontinued, but it is needed for setups up to NoSpamProxy version 13.2 you can download it here

13.1 (Schneller Kanal)
13.1 (Regulärer Kanal)
13.0 (Schneller Kanal)
13.0 (Regulärer Kanal)
12.2 (Schneller Kanal)
12.2 (Regulärer Kanal)
12.1 (Fast Channel)
12.1 (Regular Channel)