Integration of the Web Portal requires a user account

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When integrating the WebPortal into the configuration, the following settings must be observed for various scenarios. These settings are outside the NoSpamProxy but are mandatory for integration.


  • NoSpamProxy WebPortal is operated parallel to the gateway role and/or intranet role on the same system
    The Microsoft KB926642 article must be applied. Method 1 (recommended): Create the Local Security Authority host names that can be referenced in an NTLM authentication request is recommended, especially for production environments. Method 2: Disable the authentication loopback check should only be applied to test environments!
    Note: The articles at Microsoft swap the methods in the English and German versions. Always check the exact description!
  • NoSpamProxy WebPortal is operated on a system in the DMZ / on computer(s) outside the domain
    The Microsoft KB951016 article must be applied