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You can use a custom SSL certificate to secure the management website of the disclaimer tool. To do this, the desired certificate with the private key must be stored in the certificate store of the computer account on the Intranet role under “Personal certificates”. In the training video for integrating your own TLS certificate, this is explained for the Gateway Role, among other things. However, the manual rights adjustment for the Intranet role is not necessary, this is accomplished by the Powershell shown below.

If the certificate is located in the certificate store on the Intranet Role, run Powershell with admin rights as local administrator. Then execute the following command:

Set-NspWebApiConfiguration -ShowCertificateSelectorUI

A window opens in which the available certificates are displayed. Select the desired certificate and confirm your selection. Now restart the Intranet Role. Your certificate is now active on the Disclaimer website.