How to debug high processor load

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This article describes how you can use the debugging tools to create log files for the analysis of high processor loads, which can then be evaluated by NoSpamProxy Support.

First install the Windows debugging tools on the server under high processor load. You can download them at

Then, enter the following command into the command line:

cdb.exe -pv -pn NetatWorkMailGatewayGatewayRole.exe -c ".load C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\SOS.dll;!EEStack -ee;qd" > NoSpamProxyStack_%date:~-4.4%%date:~-7.2%%date:~-10.2%_%time:~0.2%%time:~3.2%%time:~6.2%.log

If necessary, replace the NetatWorkMailGatewayGatewayRole.exe process with the process that causes the high processor load. Execute the command several times and then send the resulting log files in zipped form to NoSpamProxy Support.