How to configure the content filter

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Configuration option 1

You can define multiple content filter entries within a single content filter. These content filter entries are OR-linked. These entries are processed one after the other from top to bottom and as soon as the first entry takes effect, the following entries are no longer processed.


A content filter entry of the file type “Office – Word” and a content filter entry of the file name “*.doc”.

Inhaltsfilter mit Dateiname Bedingungen im Inhaltsfiltereintrag  Inhaltsfilter mit MIME Type Bedingungen im Inhaltsfiltereintrag

In this case, the file type is checked first and if this entry is skipped because the file type does not match, all files that have an Office Word file extension are rejected by the next entry. Thus no renamed file with an Office Word extension can be delivered.

Configuration option 2

You can define several conditions within one filter entry. These conditions are AND-linked. Therefore, both conditions must apply to a file for it to be processed by the content filter entry.


Content filter entry for file type “Office – Word” AND filename “*.doc” (English: file name)

Contentfilter AND Releation EN

In this case, this entry will only take effect if the file is of Office Word file type and also ends with “.doc”. Otherwise this entry will be skipped and the attachment may not be processed correctly.