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If on-access virus scanners are used in combination with the integrated CYREN Premium antivirus problems may occur. To avoid any issues, please configure your virus scanner in such a way that the directories

C:\ProgramData\Net at Work Mail Gateway\CYREN


C:\ProgramData\Net at Work Mail Gateway\Temporary Files\MailQueues


C:\ProgramData\Net at Work Mail Gateway\Temporary Files\MailsOnHold

are exempted from scans on systems on which a Gateway Role or Web Portal is installed.

For servers running the Web Portal, the following folder (default path for storing the files for the WebPortal) must also be excluded:

C:\Program Files\Net at Work Mail Gateway\enQsig Webportal\App_Data\


If you do not find the path described above, it is most likely an older NoSpamProxy installation that has already had one or two updates. In this case, please first look into the file

C:\ProgramData\Net at Work Mail Gateway\Configuration\Gateway Role.config

and search for the entry

<storageLocation path=...

This path is currently used by the gateway role.

If you have enabled “File-based virus scanning” in the rules, please also make sure that your scanner is configured to completely delete or quarantine infected files and archives. If the scanner is configured to “Clean”, NoSpamProxy will in many cases not be able to detect that the installed scanner has changed the files, especially in the case of archives. The “File-based virus scan” will fail despite successful detection.