How to configure on-access virus scanners

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To solve (recurring) problems with the interaction of installed on-access virus scanners with the integrated CYREN Premium Antivirus, please configure your virus scanner so that the directories

  • C:\ProgramData\Net at Work Mail Gateway\CYREN
  • C:\ProgramData\Net at Work Mail Gateway\Temporary Files\MailQueues
  • C:\ProgramData\Net at Work Mail Gateway\Temporary Files\MailsOnHold
  • C:\Program Files\Net at Work Mail Gateway\Cyren Integration Service (New)

be excluded from scanning on all systems with the Gateway role or Web Portal installed. Please note that the path is a hidden directory.

On servers with Web Portal installed, the following folder (default path for storing files for the WebPortal) must also be excluded:

  • C:\Program Files\Net at Work Mail Gateway\enQsig Web Portal\.

Otherwise, with some virus scanners, access to the Web Portal may be severely delayed and communication problems may occur.

In addition, an exception should be set on the ctasd.exe process if the on-access virus scanner allows this. (New)


For all Cyren services to function properly, there must be unrestricted access to * A virus scan must not be performed on these connections, as this is where the definitions for the Cyren Premium AntiVirus are downloaded.


If you do not find the path described above, it is most likely an older NoSpamProxy installation that has already been updated several times. In this case, please first check the file C:\ProgramData\Net at Work Mail Gateway\Configuration\Gateway Role.config and look for the entry <storageLocation path= there.

This path is currently used by the Gateway Role.

If you have activated the “File-based virus scan” in the rules, make sure that your scanner is configured to completely delete or quarantine infected files and archives. If the scanner is configured to “Clean”, NoSpamProxy often cannot detect that these have been modified by the installed scanner. Thus, the “File-based virus scan” fails despite successful detection by NoSpamProxy. This occurs especially with archives.