How to change the WebPort for NoSpamProxy

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The WebPort is the port to which the MMC connects when accessing the individual roles. Furthermore, the roles connect via the configured port and count 1. If the WebPort is configured to 6060, the services connect via 6061. You should only change this port if it is necessary.

To change the WebPort, proceed as follows:

First, stop all NoSpamProxy services. The corresponding setting is made in all configuration files. These files can be found in the configuration directory under “C:\ProgramData\Net at Work Mail Gateway\Configuration\”. If you also use the WebPortal, you will find the corresponding configuration files under “%Program Files%\Net at Work Mail Gateway\enQsig Webportal\App_Data\”.

Look for the line that begins with the following characters:
Add the following attribute:

port="6060" (the new port value must be entered here).

The line should now look like this:
<netatwork.nospamproxy.webservices serverCertificateThumbprint="xxx" port="6060" />
The attribute serverCertificateThumbprint will look different on each NoSpamProxy server.

Now, change the URL reservation via netssh. The HTTPSYSMANAGER tool from makes this easy. Alternatively, enter the following command on the command line:

netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:8060/NoSpamProxy/ sddl=D:(A;;GX;;;LS)(A;;GX;;;NS)

Restart all services now.

Switch to the new port in the MMC.

Then re-create the role connections.