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How to change the SMTP connection properties of the gateway role

This article describes how to change the SMTP connection properties of the Gateway Role. The corresponding settings are made in the file “Gateway Role.config” in the directory “C:\ProgramData\Net at Work Mail Gateway\Configuration\”.
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  1. Search for the following line in the file:
    <netatwork.nospamproxy.proxyconfiguration ... >
  2. Add the following entry directly below this line:
    <smtpServicePointConfiguration maxActiveConnectionsPerEndPoint="25" maxConnectionIdleTime="00:01:00" isServicePointRecyclingEnabled="false" maximumMailsPerSession="2" />
  3. Now adjust the values to the desired value.

Please note

Before you save the “Gateway Role.config” file, you must stop the “NoSpamProxy – Gateway Role” service. Only then you can save the configuration file properly.