How to change the delivery attempts/repeat intervals of the Gateway Role

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The default settings are as follows:

  • The first attempt takes place after 5 minutes.
  • The second attempt takes place after 10 minutes.
  • The third attempt takes place after 15 minutes.
  • Each additional attempt is made every 30 minutes.
  • The first delivery delay notification is generated after 6 hours.
  • The delivery is stopped after 1 day.
  1. Stop the gateway role. The corresponding settings are saved in the file “Gateway Role.config” in the directory “C:\ProgramData\Net at Work Mail Gateway\Configuration\” on all your installed gateway roles. S
  2. Search for the following line in the file:
    <netatwork.nospamproxy.proxyconfiguration ... >
  3. Add the following entry directly below this line if it does not already exist in a similar form:
    <queueConfiguration firstRetryInterval="00:15:00" secondRetryInterval="00:30:00" thirdRetryInterval="01:00:00" subsequentRetryInterval="04:00:00" expirationTimeout="3.00:00:00" sendDelayNotificationAfter="12:00:00" />
  4. Adjust the values to the desired value and save the file.
  5. Restart the previously stopped gateway role(s).