How to influence URL classifications

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The Cyren URL Classification Service is available from version 13.0 if NoSpamProxy Protection is licensed. This additional service can be enabled through the Spam URI Realtime Blocklists filter and ensures that NoSpamProxy searches for malicious URLs in emails and blocks affected emails.

The Cyren URL Classification Service works within NoSpamProxy with the URL Safeguard. To improve URL detection, the URL Safeguard must actively rewrite URLs.

The Cyren URL Classification Service can also be used without the URL Safeguard, but then there is no way to report malicious URLs.

URL Safeguard

For information on activating and configuring the URL Safeguard, refer to the NoSpamProxy manuals.
Please note that this requires the installation of the NoSpamProxy Web Portal as well as an additional, usually paid SSL certificate, which is not included in the scope of delivery of NoSpamProxy.

How to access details on malicious URLs

To access details on malicious URLs, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Monitoring > Message Tracking.
  2. Double-click or select the respective email and click Details.
  3. Go to the URL Safeguard tab.

All malicious URLs are displayed here. Click Show all URLs to display the non-malicious URLs.

How can you influence misclassifications?

In case one or more emails have been misclassified, you can report these false positives (for actually benign URLs) or false negatives (for actually malicious URLs).

  • To do this, select the respective email and click Report misclassification.

Message tracking details

False Positives:

Reporting a False Positive

Reporting a False Positive

False Negatives:

Reporting a False Negative

Reporting a False Negative

However, you or your communication partners can also check this directly via the Cyren support page and request changes.

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