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This article describes how to configure a proxy server for the CYREN Premium AntiVirus in all NoSpamProxy versions from version 9.2 onwards. To do this you have to download the file ctasd.conf from the directory “C:\ProgramData\Net at Work Mail Gateway\CYREN\”.

Find the following section:

#   If you connect to the Internet through a proxy server, you
#   should uncomment the following parameters and assign appropriate
#   values.
#ProxyPort = 80
#ProxyServerAddress = myproxy
#ProxyAuth = NoAuth
#ProxyUserName = user@proxy
#ProxyPassword = 1234
#ProxyAccess = 1

If you are using a proxy server without authentication, remove the # sign before the lines “ProxyPort”, “ProxyServerAddress”, “ProxyAuth” and “ProxyAccess”. Under “ProxyPort”, enter the corresponding port of your proxy server. After the entry “ProxyServerAddress” you configure either the IP address or the FQDN of your proxy server. For “ProxyAuth” leave the entry at “NoAuth”.

If you are using a proxy server with authentication, you must also select the options “ProxyUserName” and “ProxyPassword”. Enter the corresponding credentials for “ProxyUserName” and “ProxyPassword”. In addition you have to change the value “ProxyAuth” to “Basic”.

After saving the file, restart the “NoSpamProxy – CYREN Service” in order to apply the changes.