Heimdall Research Note Preview

Each quarter, the Heimdall research team provides new insights into the current threat situation in the area of email security. The findings, assessments and concrete recommendations are of great value to all email administrators and other persons responsible for IT security, regardless of whether NoSpamProxy is used or not.

Emotet nutzt verschlüsselte Archivformate Preview

The current threat situation is shaped by the trojan Emotet. A striking feature of cyber attacks is that the attack patterns vary rapidly. This makes it difficult to specifically detect Emotet threats at all levels.

NoSpamProxy Cloud Logo

Net at Work releases NoSpamProxy Cloud Net at Work GmbH announces the immediate availability of NoSpamProxy Cloud This enables customers to place the security of their Email communication in the hands of experienced Email security experts and obtain comprehensive protection measures as a managed service from the cloud. The new Managed Service for Email security […]

Vorsicht bei Phishing-Attacken mit bit.ly Links geboten_Preview

In recent days, the security experts at NoSpamProxy have recorded a significant increase in the number of phishing attacks using the well-known URL shredder service bit.ly. Here the attackers use the well-known pattern of “hello spam”.

(Fast) alle Wege führen in die Cloud Preview

The trend towards cloud-based IT services is unbroken. But not only that: entire solutions or IT infrastructures are no longerpremises but have migrated to the cloud. The field of email security is also undergoing radical change, with the result that some providers in Email Security sectorhave already announced that they will no longer offer on-premises […]

Emotet meldet sich zurück

After a five-month timeout, the Trojan Emotet has returned with a remarkable wave of attacks. Since the beginning of February, the malware situation had initially calmed down before numerous cyber attacks occurred last Friday, especially in the USA and Great Britain.

Vor QakBot schützen

It is not always nice to see old friends again. Especially not when they ring the doorbell at half past five in the morning, rummage through your entire house and then let in a whole gang of acquaintances who rob you. One way or another, the Malware QakBot – also known as QBot or Pinkslipbot–, […]

CxO Fraud So schützen Sie sich

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic at the end of 2019, cybercriminals have been exploiting fears of the Corona virus to spread malicious code via email. The criminals are doing this, for example, by establishing a relationship with the Corona virus in the contaminated emails, arguing emotionally or claiming a particular urgency. Many of […]