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Are we really enjoying life, thanks to technology, or are we more under stress? We don’t go online anymore, we are always online. Therefore, there are many areas where we need to pay more attention. The number of computers in our lives is constantly increasing: PCs, smartphones, tablets and “smart” devices such as TVs, music systems, thermostats and refrigerators that collect more and more data about us and our preferences. Many think “I have nothing to hide”. But this is a misconception. It’s amazing what can be made of even the most innocuous data. And who knows what information about us could suddenly be dangerous in 20 or 30 years?

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At the turn of the year 2019/2020, the time had come: Heimdall began to send assessments of emails to the participants of the Heimdall beta. Over the course of 2020, the repertoire of detections grew significantly. In this article, we will look back at a number of developments and show how Heimdall became increasingly active, especially in the second half of 2020.

Schutz vor gefährlichen Kurz-URLs

In his analyses, Heimdall has repeatedly noticed short URL services in a particularly negative light in recent months. These URL shorteners generate an alternative, short URL that can be used on Twitter, for example. In this way, the number of characters used in a post can be reduced. The fact that the use of these services can cause problems is, of course, already due to the fact that the actual target of the URL is not recognizable – virtually an invitation to phishers and other cybercriminals.

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As a security expert, you have a great deal of responsibility and also have your hands full. With our Winter School we offer in entertaining special trainings with many practical examples, for the necessary knowledge. The aim of our security training courses is to give you an understanding of the special IT security topics. Register now and save your place. Register now and save your place.

Heimdall berichtet Corona, Phishing Mails und der Domain-Missbrauch Preview

The coronavirus is still an integral part of our everyday life. Contrary to the hopes of many people the threat situation will be existent after 2020. Financial hardship as well as restrictions on our everyday life, from the obligation to wear masks to the ban on accomodation to the death of cultural life will also shape the year 2021.

Heimdall Research Note Preview

Each quarter, the Heimdall research team provides new insights into the current threat situation in the area of email security. The findings, assessments and concrete recommendations are of great value to all email administrators and other persons responsible for IT security, regardless of whether NoSpamProxy is used or not.

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The current threat situation is shaped by the trojan Emotet. A striking feature of cyber attacks is that the attack patterns vary rapidly. This makes it difficult to specifically detect Emotet threats at all levels.

Vorsicht bei Phishing-Attacken mit Links geboten_Preview

In recent days, the security experts at NoSpamProxy have recorded a significant increase in the number of phishing attacks using the well-known URL shredder service Here the attackers use the well-known pattern of “hello spam”.