NoSpamProxy unterstützt Krankenhäuser und Pflegeeinrichtungen Preview

A joint offer from Bechtle and Net at Work supports hospitals from the application for funds to the ongoing operation. Net at Work grants all hospitals special conditions for public clients for procurements supported by KHZG funds, regardless of legal form and sponsorship.

Authenticated Received Chain ARC Preview

SPF, DKIM, DMARC and ARC are essential technologies for the detection of fake sender domains as well as for the defence against phishing attacks. Part 2 of our series of articles on sender reputation focuses on a method to authorise specific IP addresses to send emails: Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a simple and effective method to prevent the misuse of sender domains.

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Since 12 March 2021, we have been aware of problems sending emails to United Internet services. This includes both and GMX. These problems result in the connection being refused by the server there and it is therefore no longer possible to send emails to these services. This is the equivalent of a temporary rejection, […]

Authenticated Received Chain ARC Preview

Procedures for checking sender reputation have existed for some time. These provide an effective way to detect fake sender domains and thus prevent phishing attacks. Although they are easy to implement and do not require expensive tools, many companies do not apply them – and thus fail to secure their organization in the best possible way. Furthermore, they fall behind in direct comparison with criminals, because they are also constantly improving their setup.

In our series of articles on sender reputation, you’ll learn how each method works and how they can help you protect you and your organization from phishing with fake senders and other cyberattacks, and optimize your email security. 

Part 1 focuses on the latest method that can be used as part of sender reputation checks: Authenticated Received Chain (ARC). 


Net at Work and D-TRUST join forces for secure communication with public institutions An increasing amount of electronic communication from public institutions makes stronger protection against access by unauthorised third parties necessary. The Sicherer Bürgerdialog initiative shows that effective email encryption does not have to be complicated or expensive. Together with D-TRUST, a company of […]

6 Mail Attacken 2020

Our security experts provide you with a forecast of the most important malware trends and attack methods on email communications in 2021. With a special focus on the German-speaking region and its specific circumstances, we regularly evaluate extensive data sources and continuously analyze the current threat situation.

NoSpamProxy im Security Insider Deep Dive Preview

The “Security Insider Deep Dive” focuses on the new solution NoSpamProxy Cloud, presented by Stefan Cink. He takes an in-depth look at the new product.