Beta Version 13.1 NoSpamProxy

The action Project Heimdall is available since version 13.0 as a preview in NoSpamProxy. It currently ensures that metadata for email attachments and URLs are collected and uploaded to the NoSpamProxy cloud. This includes the file name, file sizes, the SHA-256 hash value, the MIME type (as recognized by NoSpamProxy) and the transaction ID.

Project Heimdall’s goal is to build an even more powerful anti-malware intelligence that can detect and defend against attacks from spam and malware faster and more accurately.

Interested customers can now activate the beta version of Project Heimdall. After the activation, your NoSpamProxy installation receives a classification of the requested data, which potentially improves the already existing protection against spam and malware by NoSpamProxy.

If you are interested in using the beta version of Project Heimdall, send an email with the subject “Heimdall Activation” to the NoSpamProxy support team and attach a screenshot of your license details.