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SSL Certificates Available Only with a One- or Two-Year Term

The term of SSL certificates can be ordered individually as needed from our partners D-Trust, SwissSign and GlobalSign. One- two- or three-year certificates had been possible so far. The Certification Authority Browser Forum now has announced that from March 1st 2018, certificates can only have a maximum term of 825 days or rather 27 months. As […]

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NoSpamProxy On The IT-SECURITY Management & Technology Conference 2017 In Cologne

Last Thursday, the NoSpamProxy team held a workshop with the title “Catch me if you can” at the Vogel IT. In the special location of the RheinEnergie sation in cologne, Stefan Cink ,product manager for NoSpamProxy, demonstrated in real time how simple it is to fool customers, employees and leaders with simulated email addresses and […]

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New release NoSpamProxy 11 available

On 13th June Version 11 has been released to the public. The new Disclaimer option is the key feature of this version. For the past IT departments had to provide some solutions installed directly on the Mailserver to provide a company wide footer or text signature in mails. This is no longer an issue. With […]