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Am 15.11.2017 wurde die Version 12.1.17318.5 veröffentlicht. Es handelt sich um ein Update-Release, mit dem unter anderem folgende Bugs behoben und Neuigkeiten eingeführt werden:

New / changed

  • PowerShell Cmdlet Get-NspMessageTracks now directly displays mail addresses
  • New Cmdlets Get-NspMessageTrackingAction, Get-NspMessageTrackingFilter, Get-NspMessageTrackingActivity, Get-NspMessageTrackingAttachment
  • Added WMF (Windows Meta File) to list of recognized file types for the content filtering
  • The PGP Encryption module now lists all modern encryption and signature algorithms in an encrypted mail.
  • Improved replication for Messagetracking, improved replication of hashtrust values
  • Improved Message Tracking Speed
  • The “Hide internal topology” action now also removed the Originating-IP header.
  • Added new LAB feature: Sandbox
  • Added new LAB feature: OpenKeys
  • Update EVOPDF Excel to PDF library
  • Changed the default search in the Message Tracking. Searching for addresses is now an “exact” search by default, which is much faster. The old-school “Contains” search is still available.
  • Introduced Regular and Fast Update Channel
  • Office 365 integration now supports the German Azure Cloud.
  • Updated the Cyren IP Reputation service to the latest Version
  • Message Tracks: Recipients can now be sorted by the first recipient

Fixed issues

  • PDF document cannot be disarmed because of “Invalid PNG data” error
  • No entry appear in the Large Files node when attachments are uploaded
  • Fixed an issue with mails when CDR and PDF encryption are combined
  • Automatic user import crashes when user names are longer than 200 characters
  • Cyren Action and Filter is incorrectly added to the default rules when the license does not permit this.
  • Attachments of inbound mails are uploaded to web portal by content filter but the web portal refuses the attachment
  • An Excel document is not converted to PDF under certain circumstances
  • A validation exception occurs when validating or encrypting using PGP
  • An unexpected error occured while cleaning up expired files on the Web Portal.
  • Erorr message “There is no mail fork to sign.”
  • CSA Whitelist action is not marking all relevant mails as trusted
  • The error “Unexpected character. SBPDFCore.EElPDFParseError” occurs
  • Disarm Pdf files does not work on the Web Portal
  • No NDR if no send connector is defined
  • Certificate validity saved as local time
  • Fixed issue with EDI@Energy Validation
  • Fixed an issue with large file download links when multiple NoSpamProxy installation are chained
  • Fixed issue with automatic PGP key Import
  • Fixed an issue where a mail would not be signed
  • Fixed Replication of Level of Trust data
  • Fixed issue with DNS lookup
  • Fixed an DNSSEC issue
  • Fixed an issue where files got stuck in Mails on Hold with nested ZIP files
  • Fixed an issue with Office file type detection
  • Disclaimer: Filtering in body or subject does not always work
  • Fixed issue validating a certificate when the root certificate is downloaded by Windows
  • Upload hint is not added to an inbound mail
  • Upload hint is added multiple times to an inbound mail
  • Multiple ZIP attachments are incorrectly procesesed differently.
  • NoSpamProxy is now more resilient to erratic system time changes
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate jobs in message tracking
  • Fixed issue with large files originiating from another Service
  • Sql setup is now more resilient
  • No sender and receiver information available when using reply link
  • Changed host address for Azure SMTP Tunnel
  • Bug Content disarm error for zip file with gzip content type Header
  • Zero-length files are not correctly handled by the Content Disarm System
  • The license report displays incorrect data
  • The object of type “Netatwork.NoSpamProxy.Net.Smtp.Mail” cannot be cast to “Netatwork.NoSpamProxy.Net.Smtp.BinaryMimePart”
  • Mails on hold are not correctly processed after the Gateway Role Restarts
  • The disclaimer is not added to the expected position in a mail
  • If a scheduled AV scan failed, no new schedule is created.
  • Fixed encoding for TeletexStrings in ASN1 structures
  • No recipient in notification mail
  • Improved connection handling with the Redis Cache
  • Selecting a content filter on Text File User Imports has no effect
  • Error “Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool” occurs under heavy stress
  • Internal web portal URL is not rewritten if file was uploaded using the Outlook addin
  • After restart a default content filter entry was deleted
  • Fixed permissions for Cyren IP reputation service files in installer
  • Fixed an issue where the Public Suffix List cannot be downloaded by the DMARC filter
  • Processing of a mail on hold failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • Fixed problem with quoted values in DKIM Header
  • PgpSignatureValidation message track activity deserialization bugfix
  • Message track delivery status not updated
  • An unexpected error occured while sending a mail. Cannot access a disposed object.
  • An SPF macro is not expanded correctly
  • After Update: A stored mail which was put on hold could not be read from the disk.
  • MMC does not work well with high DPI Monitors
  • Fixed an issue in D-Trust Provider
  • An unexpected error occured while sending a mail. The sent attempt will be retried later. Error: The connection is already closed.
  • Zip file can’t be uploaded to web portal under certain circumstances.
  • Conversion failed when converting character string to smalldatetime data type.
  • Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.@DeMailUpdates’
  • The SqlParameter is already contained by another SqlParameterCollection.
  • Fixed Messagetracking pipeline in PowerShell
  • SwissSign certificate provider: Cannot revoke a certificate
  • Missing activities in message track
  • Strict single rule does not work correctly
  • Recipient gets lost in Auto Reply Mail
  • The MMC crashes when the Server does not report a valid name for the Gateway Role
  • Intranet and Gateway Role restart fails after adding CM Telecom SMS Provider
  • Fixed an unexpected error which occured while handling a request on controller Upload, action (null).
  • The synchronization process with other Web Portals failed unexpectedly.
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