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Release Notes – NoSpamProxy 11.0 (11.0.422, Regulärer Kanal)

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Die Version 11.0.422 wurde am 23.9.2016 veröffentlicht. Es handelt sich um ein Maintenance Release, das die folgenden Fehler behebt und neue Features einführt:

New / changed

  • If TLS security is required for a partner and delivery is done via a smarthost, the mail is returned to the sender with an NDR. Previously, the mail stayed in the queue until it expired.
  • Routing logic
  • The SwissSign provider does now support Umlaute.
  • Unclear message „The SSPI negotiation failed“. Now, several different messages are displayed, depending on cause of the issue.
  • Massively improved the performance of the Level of trust Subsystem
  • Filename handling of decrypted PGP plaintext files
  • Timeout handling when sending and receiving mails

Fixed issues

  • Incorrect encoding used on PGP encrypted mails
  • Error „Failed to get the size of the dispatch job“
  • Administrative addresses were not replicated correctly
  • Mails with a duplicate boundary were incorrectly processed.
  • Inspection report does not state when a mail is received via the Web Portal
  • Disclaimer. you cannot add the } sign in Html view
  • Disclaimer. The editor panel disappears
  • Conditions on a disclaimer rule could not be deleted.
  • An unexpected error occured. Error: Could not find a part of the path
  • Messagetrack data were not correctly processed
  • Disclaimer. Cannot not use an @ character in the template
  • Concurrency exception during Active Directory user Import
  • Error message „An item with the same key has already been added.“
  • Dialog „Server performance“ could not be opened.
  • Error „Input string was not in a correct format.“ when sending a mail
  • Performance problem with SURBL filter
  • „The parameter value cannot be null. Parametername: uriString.“ in Outlook add in
  • Error message „Object reference not set to an instance of an object.“
  • Error message „Could not find a part of the path ‚C:ProgramDataNet at Work Mail GatewayTemporary FilesMailQueues“
  • While trying to cleanup empty queue directories, the an error occured
  • Link for Web portal download is wrong
  • Target host is not displayed in message tracking details.
  • TLS switches to „Encryption required“
  • Error message „Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.“
  • Error message: „There are no records in the SqlDataRecord enumeration“
  • Word filter does not find matches containing a full stop.
  • Mails on hold view does not show all entries
  • Mail is sent unencrypted even if encryption is required.
  • Empty queues are displayed in the queue Viewer
  • High cpu usage may occur on a Gateway Role
  • Empty queues are not removed
  • Error message „The operation was canceled. While not all actions and filters could be executed“
  • Using auto enrollment with a D-Trust setup causes multiple requests for a single mail address
  • Using mail enabled Exchange Public Folders in conjunction with groups do not work as expected
  • Message „Could not upload a file to the Web Portal on https://server/enQsig/api/upload/file: Unknown. {„files“:[{„error“:““}]}
  • Internal address in ‚From‘ header filter does not work correctly
  • The size of the NoSpamProxy eventlog is reset during each update
  • Not all queues are displayed
  • Performance problems with many certificates (>1000) in the store.
  • PGP decryption configuration switches were not honored.
  • Reply links with a very long subject do not work.
  • Exception when trying to copy data to the clipboard in the NoSpamProxy MMC
  • DKIM signature is not applied to NDRs or other DSNs without a sender.
  • Set-NspPartnerTlsDetail cmdlet does not expose any parameters

Die Version kann einfach über die bestehende Version installiert werden. Beachten Sie jedoch die allgemeinen Aktualisierungsanweisungen, wenn Sie einen Proxy-Server konfiguriert haben.